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July 1, 2022 ~ Update for WSC and CDC+ Consultant Qualified Organization Administrative Tool

General Information: Provider Discovery Review Qualified Organization Administrative Tool related to the CDC+ Consultant and Waiver Support Coordinator Reviews effective July 1, 2022, have been posted.

Qlarant’s Customer Service Representative is available to assist if you have any questions at or 1-866-254-2075.

To ensure you have the most current version, the footer of each Discovery tool will reflect the date. For example, the 2022_0701 indicates it is the July 2022 version. Please discard earlier versions of the applicable tools with footer dates prior to July 2022.

Edits include:

  • Edit in the General Administrative protocol and addition of a not met reason in Standard #5 related to Business Liability Insurance.
  • Edits in the General Administrative protocol and not met reasons for Standard #9 related to the mentoring program requirements.
  • Edit in the General Administrative protocol in Standard #11 with reminder of requirement of WSC to be employees of the QO.
  • Edit in the Qualifications and Training protocol and not met reasons in Standards #6 for HIPAA, and, #7 for HIPAA, HIV/AIDS/Infection Control.
  • Standard #10 removed. While required for all existing WSC to maintain record of completion, this should be completed for all WSC hired prior to 6/30/2021 and therefore standard was removed. Training will be captured for WSC hired after 7/1/2021 under Standard #11 and this Standard was also updated to reflect the wording updates.
  • Standard #12 updates to protocol.
  • Please review all standards for wording updates in the protocol text and the not met reasons.

The Service Specific Record Review Tools for Waiver Support Coordination and CDC+ Consultant effective 7/1/2022 will be coming soon.

Please review Discovery tools in their entirety for services rendered for updates to the standards, protocols, and not met reasons.