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October 1, 2021 ~ Update

General Information:
Qlarant’s Customer Service Representative is available to assist if you have any questions at or 1-866-254-2075.

General Information:
Provider Discovery Review Qualified Organization Administrative Tool related to the CDC+ Consultant and Waiver Support Coordinator Reviews effective October 1, 2021 has been posted.

To ensure you have the most current version, the footer of each Discovery tool will reflect the date. For example, the 2021_1001 indicates it is the October 2021 version. Please discard earlier versions of the applicable tools with footer dates prior to October 2021.

Edits include:

  • Tool was broken out into its own Qualified Organization Administrative Tool based on updates for implementation of Senate Bill 82 from the other service provider Administrative tool.
  • Tool has been separated into two distinct sections: 1) General Administrative, numbered 1-11 and 2) Qualifications & Training, numbered 1-15.
  • Policies & Procedures have been removed. Please note, while Qlarant will no longer be reviewing for Policies & Procedures, Agency Providers are still expected to develop and maintain applicable Policies & Procedures for their organization as identified in applicable Handbook, Rules, and Statutes.
  • New standards in the General Administrative section include standards # 5,6,7,8,9,10,11.
  • New standards in the Qualifications and Training section include standards #10,11,12.
  • Please review all standards for wording updates in the protocol text and the not met reasons


The Service Specific Record Review Tools for Waiver Support Coordination and CDC+ Consultant effective 10/1/21 will be coming soon.