Qlarant has been operating under Interim Desk Review procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic since April 1, 2020. While all entities need to continue to be mindful of risks associated with COVID-19, we now have the tools and resources needed to help us safely move forward. Over the past couple of months, Qlarant has worked with the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) to develop a plan to transition back to onsite and in person review activities.

As of October 2021, Qlarant has resumed some in person review activities. Beginning January 2022, new Operational Policies and Procedures utilizing components from previous onsite review and desk review processes will be implemented.

Highlights of the new policies and procedures include:

Person-Centered Reviews (PCR):

  • Beginning October 2021, People sampled for a PCR will have the option of meeting with a Qlarant Reviewer (QAR) in person or having the interview done virtually using ZoomGov. If a person chooses to meet in person, the QAR will contact the person just prior to meeting and ask a series of COVID-19 health risk screening questions. The QAR will also answer the same questions. If based on answers there is any risk to meeting in person, the interview will be conducted virtually using ZoomGov.
  • Beginning January 2022, all PCR interviews will be done in person unless based on answers to the COVID-19 health risk screening questions there is a risk to meeting in person. In the event there is a risk, the “in-person” interview will be rescheduled or conducted virtually using ZoomGov, whichever is preferred.

Provider Discovery Reviews (PDR):

  • Interim Desk Review Procedures developed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic will remain in place for Provider Discovery Reviews through December 2021.
  • These Desk Review procedures have been updated to address how documentation required to be maintained in iConnect is handled. Updated Qlarant Desk Review procedures can be found here:
  • Beginning January 2022, Qlarant will implement new Operational Policy and Procedures. Under these procedures, Providers will be assigned to either have a Desk Review or an Onsite Review.
  • Criteria to determine the type of review a Provider will have is as follows:
    • New Providers who have never been reviewed will receive an Onsite Review.
    • Providers who scored less than an 85% on their previous Qlarant PDR will receive an Onsite Review.
    • Providers who scored 85% or higher on their previous Qlarant PDR will receive a Desk Review.
    • Every Provider, regardless of how well they have scored, will receive an Onsite Review every three years.
  • Desk Review procedures will be different from the interim procedures used during the COVID-19 Pandemic. There will be less time given for providers to submit documentation not included in the initial submission.
  • Onsite Review procedures will be a hybrid model with the first part of the review conducted as a desk review and second part conducted onsite. For the onsite component, the QAR will review for documentation not initially submitted (if not required to be maintained in iConnect) and complete preliminary findings with the Provider.
  • In Person Observations for Providers of Adult Day Training Programs and Licensed Residential settings will resume January 2022.

Qlarant’s Operational Policy and Procedure Manual with detailed descriptions of timelines and procedures for PCRs and PDRs will be updated and posted to the Qlarant website in December 2021.

If you have not already done so, sign up for e-notifications for updates to Qlarant tools and procedures. You can sign up here:

https://florida.qlarant.com/Public2/resourceCenter/individualsFamilies/emailUpdates.html to be


While COVID-19 remains a concern, Qlarant will continue to work in partnership with AHCA and APD to improve the quality of supports and ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of Florida citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Please continue to check https://florida.qlarant.com for more updates.

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