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Best & Shared Practices - Individual

Submission date: 6-23-15
Submitted by: Jose Navarro
Individual/Famliy Practice: Mom and Son receiving CDC services
APD Area: 13

Practice: Angela Hart has established a support network of parents of persons with Autism along with a website devoted to sharing best practices for parents to work with their children.  It is called S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom (Strong Mothers Altering Autism's Reality Together.) She has created and posted videos teaching parents how to do such wide ranging  things as teach their children how to blow their nose.  She has also created  an "Autism Welcome" icon and poster for businesses to post letting families know the business welcomes and supports people with autism.​

Who Benefits? How? ​People with autism and their families can find support and and encouragement along with practical and helpful tips on how to achieve greater independence, cope with everyday issues specific to people with autism and become more effective in advocating for their family members.

How could others apply this in practice? ​y joining the support group and establishing similar support groups in their area and by viewing and sharing the videos and learning how to improve the lives of people with autism.

Submission date: 5-20-15
Submitted by: Jose Navarro
Individual/Famliy Practice: Mom and Son receiving CDC services
APD Area: 11

Practice: Recently, I visited an individual and her mother in Miami receiving CDC services. Last year this individual was invited to a symposium in Portugal to share with the community and other people with communication barriers on how to communicate and use his technology (computer attached to the wheelchair). He uses this technology to break down barriers to communicating with others. At the same time the dream of this individual is to have his own radio station programs, provide jobs and invite other individuals and speakers to his studio to share their own experiences. With the help of the WSC they are working on presenting a plan to VR in order to get some assistance in solving the cost of the studio that will be located in one of their bedrooms and communicate via internet.

Who Benefits? How? ​Individual and others in the community by breaking down barriers to communicating with others.

How could others apply this in practice? ​Networking, communicating and sharing that all goals and dreams are possible.





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