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Best & Shared Practices - APD


Submission date: 6-11-14
Submitted by: Robyn Tourlakis
Provider name: n/a
APD Area: 11

Practice: The Southern Region annually holds an event titled the Gallery of Dreams. This displays art work in the State of Florida/Rhode Building for the month of July. There are hundreds of visitors to this building during the month. Artists receiving APD services from all of the Southern 11 providers are encouraged to submit their artwork. If visitors would like to purchase the art, the name and contact information is given to them to contact for purchase.

Who Benefits? How? Local artists receiving APD services benefit by having their art work displayed for a length of time in a public forum. This showcases the many talents of the local artists and enhances awareness in the community.

How could others apply this in practice? In Florida, there are many artists receiving services through APD. Some attend programs to hone these skills. This is a great way for artists, either attending or on their own, to showcase their art and increase community awareness about their skills.

Submission date: 7/7/08
Submitted by: Shelia Bryant Butler
Provider name: null
APD Area: 12
The area 12 APD office has created a file audit check - list that is comprehensive and all inclusive. They have also, created a projected service outcome grid or template which is useful for Waiver Support Coordinators. The area office utilizes its check - off list to conduct file audits when necessary to ensure compliance.

Who Benefits?
The Waiver Support Coordinator

The Waiver Support Coordinator benefits from clearly understanding what is needed in a file. The WSC can conduct self audits with this check list to ensure that all files are up to date and contain the necessary documents.
Submission date: 3/27/08
Submitted by: Charmaine Pillay
Provider name: null
APD Area: 14
Providers, Family Care Council (FCC) members and APD in Area 14 hosted their second annual awards ceremony honoring direct support providers. This year’s celebration built upon the success of last year and many more people were nominated for recognition. The occasion not only allowed for a tangible demonstration of teamwork and collaboration by providers, APD and FCC but also publicly recognized people for their hard work. Discussion at the steering committee meeting that followed the awards ceremony focused on further developing the system of rewarding hard working entities. Thoughts are that different categories of achievement should be recognized at future awards ceremonies. Kudos to the staff who were recognized and to all who made the event possible.

Who Benefits? All benefit

Individuals benefit by having such dedicated staff work with them. Staff benefit by knowing that their efforts do not go unrecognized. Provider organizations benefit by acknowledging outstanding performance and thereby increasing staff retention. APD benefits by supporting provider development.



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